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FREE THETA Downloads Page

Here are all the current free booklets and all online issues of the FREE THETA, the Journal of the IFA

All downloads are in PDF format. All files are zipped up with Winzip or WinRar to reduce space and download time.

Simply select the issue you wish to download and save the file to your computer in the directory of your choice (usually My Documents).

When the file is saved double click on it to open it and save it on your computer.

In addition here are links if required, for you to download Winzip, WinRar, and Acrobat, to view pdf files.

All downloads are free.

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Free Booklets

The Scientology Freezone Download
German Edition Download

Scientologists Freezone Newsletter
January 2007 Download
February 2007 Download
March 2007 Download
April 2007 Download

Free Theta (online edition)

Free Theta 2005
Vol 1 Issue 1 Download
Vol 1 Issue 2 Download
Vol 1 Issue 3 Download
Vol 1 Issue 4 Download
Free Theta 2006
Vol 2 Issue 1 Download
Vol 2 Issue 2 Download
Vol 2 Issue 3 Download
Vol 2 Issue 4 Download

Screen Savers
Here is a Ron & Mary Sue Screensaver Screensaver

Please note: Future online copies of the FREE THETA starting with the January 2007 issue will be charged for. These can be obtained at Gold Century Press


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