"In this time and in this place
for possibly just a little while,
we have this chance.
To go free and to make it.
Planets and cultures are frail things.
They do not endure.
I cannot promise you that you will make it.
I can only provide the knowledge to give you
your chance. The rest is up to you."

L. Ron Hubbard

The FREE THETA is the voice of the International Freezone Association Inc (IFA).

More information is available on the IFA on the information page.

The FREE THETA is a quarterly journal issued on the 1st of January, April, July and October each year. It consists of articles, information, quotes and other related matter to independent scientologists outside of the church.

As from January the 1st 2010 the FREE THETA will be available free to IFA Members only. There will be no more public issues. Instead a public newsletter will be issued and this will be available from the IFA Newsletter page.

Where to get the FREE THETA

You can buy past issues of the the FREE THETA by going to the publishing site of the IFA, Gold Century Press

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The FREE THETA is a quarterly Journal of the The International Freezone Association Inc. The International Freezone Association Inc is a duly registered non profit association registered in the State of Delaware, USA.

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